Mosaic Stone floor with 1000s of pieces Renotal Contractor

Gorgeous Mosaic Starburst Floor Custom Installed At Trump Parc

When Renotal was charged with bringing D’AquinoMonaco’s custom starburst mosaic floor to life they enlisted the work of master artisans Gregory Muller Associates / Marble & Stone Creations Inc, who brought D’Aquino Monaco’s vision to life and exceeded all expectations.



The custom mosaic was composed of thousands of pieces of marble and stone.

With 1000s of Individually Cut Pieces of 13 Different Varieties Of Marble and Stone



13 varieties of stone and marble make up the custom starburst pattern, including Thassos, Bianci Dolomiti, Pentelico, Statuary White, Carrara, Azul Cielo, Bardiglio Nuvolato Light,Bardiglio Nuvulato Medium, Bardiglio Nuvulato Dark, Bardiglio Imperial Royal Blue, Azul Macula, Azul Bahia, Sodalite.



Laying out each of the thousands of pieces is a highly labor intensive process. GMA installs the stone section by section in order to achieve the precise fit that D’AquinoMonco’s design required.


Finally, GMA completes the grouting, grinding and polishing process to bring the project to completion.



Detail of the custom starburst mosaic….



A view of the floor as Gregory Muller and Associates completes the finishing touches…


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